About Us

Marisa with Kenzo


I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA since 2013), professional level member of APDT and an AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluator.

How did I get into dog training? My background is in project management, however, in 2008 a high-energy, smart, and independent puppy joined my family. The new puppy brought both joy and frustration! Fortunately, Carin and Eileen, also CPDT-KAs and the founders of Puppy Good Start, were my mentors and helped us all survive. They showed me the advantages of using positive reinforcement dog training methods. I now use the force-free methods for changing behavior, training dogs for dog sports (AKC Agility, AKC Tricks, AKC CGC, NACSW K9 Nose Work, and skijoring), and for teaching everyday interactions. My emphasis is: “Teach your dog what you want him/her to do – don’t just punish him/her for unwanted behavior!”

I joined the Puppy Good Start team in 2010 and gradually took on more responsibilities through the years. As of 2018 I am the sole owner. Carin and Eileen still love to offer advice and tips. Eileen enjoys dropping by for the Saturday playtime when she can and Carin is offering K9 Nose Work classes at Puppy Good Start.

Come to Puppy Good Start to help your new puppy or adult dog learn the obedience skills needed to integrate happily into your family or to start on foundation skills for canine sports!

I especially enjoy helping owners with impulsive, timid, and/or independent puppies/dogs, as well as teaching tricks (my favorite trick is teaching dogs to enjoy having their nails cut!).

Looking forward to meeting you and your dog at Puppy Good Start!


CPDT-KA and AKC CGC Evaluator

Class Location

Our group classes are held at Total Dog Company in New Hope.