Private Training

When our regular class schedule does not fit your calendar or if you are looking for a curriculum that is tailored specifically to your dog’s needs, then you may want to consider private training.

Advantages of Private Training

  • Scheduled at your convenience
  • Tailored to your dog’s training needs and/or behavior issues
  • At your home or at our Plymouth location
  • Dedicated attention to you and your dog
  • Suitable for dogs that would be over-stimulated or stressed in a group class

What to Expect from a Private Training Session

For private training sessions we start out with an initial 1.5 hour session: We meet, we take stock of current status and what the desired goals are, and then we develop a plan of action together. The plan of action will include tips for management (preventing/avoiding undesired behaviors) and training steps (exercises to start teaching desired behaviors). You will receive a personalized write-up of the session with recommendations afterwards. Follow-up sessions (optional) are one hour long where we review progress and introduce the next level of exercises or modify existing exercises.

Private lessons will be available until December 31 2019. Please email or call (763) 544-9721 for more information.