We are unable to offer group classes at this time as we are looking for a new location  in Plymouth. Below is a description of classes we offered in the past and will offer again when we find another location. Please check back in! Or please contact us for private sessions.

Good Manners Classes

Our goal is a dog that you are happy to live with and proud to own. We help you open a clear line of communication with your dog so you get the behaviors you want and eliminate the behaviors that you dislike. Our curriculum is designed around the American Kennel Club STAR Puppy and Canine Good Citizen certifications. And our dog-friendly methods are geared to be fun for both you and your dog!

Only adults may train in Good Manners classes, however children are welcome to observe if they can remain seated for one hour. Good Manners 1 class fee is $140 for six weekly one-hour sessions. Upon completing Good Manners 1 we recommend Good Manners 2 and Good Manners 3 classes.

Speciality Classes

Contrary to urban legend you can teach an old dog new tricks! Come have fun, brush up on specific skills or learn something new to impress your friends.
  • Tricks! Is a four week class and covers things like sit-pretty, bow, play dead, crawl, back-up, leg weave, and clean-up! Or if you have some other trick you want to try let us know. You can even earn an AKC trick dog title!
  • Come! Here! Now! Is a two week class that includes games, tips and drills to get your dog to come quickly when called.
  • Out’n About. Is a two week class that takes you and your pup out in public to practice good manners skills in the real world.

Speciality classes are open to graduates of Good Manners level 1 and up.